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  • Gary Soskin
    Artwork Photography

    My first job as a photographer was working for the Art Department of the Univiersity of California at Hayward,photographing Art Work. Throughout my career I have continued and still enjoy working with artists to create the best possible reproductions of their artwork

    The equipment I use includes a Power Phase fx scanner back, capable of producing up to 325 MB files with detail compared to 8"x10" transparency film.

    My Archival Inkjet printers allow me to reproduce Artwork(both flat and three demensional)on a variety of paper surfaces to meet the demands of most Artists. These type of Prints now hang in most major museums and are dealt with internationally by most major art galleries.

    Artists and Galleries&Museums whose works I have photographed include: Mel Ramos,Pippilotti Rist,Roman Signer,Ugo Rondione, Richard Serra,Hans Potthof,Muda Mathis,Maria Lichtsteiner,Peter Voser,Victor Escobar,Verena Voser,Mary Ann Rose,Clayton Mitropoulis,Galerie am See/Zug,Galerie werner Bommer/Zug,Univ. of California/Hayward Ca.,Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte,Demkmalpfleger/Kt. Zug,Nidwaldner Museum


    If you have any questions,or would like an estimate for a specific job.please contact me by telephone or email.